According to the “fate” concept, there are four crucial fate factors: name, time and date of birth, language (geographic factor), and fatal attempts. The discussion on fatal attempts revealed that individuals’ destinies are influenced not only by their own choices (L. Szondi’s concept) but also by the decisions made by others. For instance, a person may not choose a hired killer for themselves; competitors might make that choice. The decisions of these individuals (competitors) and the choice of the executor (killer) impact a person’s fate without their awareness. This issue of the Journal is dedicated to the topic of fatal attempts. It explores the genesis of security, the global concept of a “killer” across different territories (USA, Mexico, Russia, Italy, South Africa), geopolitical status and political crimes, the psychology of a significant criminal organization worldwide, and the four waves of AI development in modern society, among other things.

Published: 2021-01-03