Newsletter on the results of scholarly work in sociology, criminology, philosophy and political science is the German multidisciplinary scholarly journal founded in January 2020 and published under the auspices of the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The journal’s main subject is criminology; other scientific disciplines include psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science.

Aim and Scope
The newsletter focuses on multidisciplinary original research across social sciences with an emphasis on studying phenomena such as crime, organized crime, corruption, criminal money laundering, psychology of committing crimes, criminal psychology, criminology as a research discipline, philosophical aspects of crime investigation, political analysis of the influence of crime and its activity on society, public and state structures. 

The journal provides an opportunity to publish scholarly articles, as well as articles written at the intersection of the disciplines. The journal seeks to publish original scientific and popular scientific papers that are related to the areas of criminology, psychology, philosophy, sociology and political science.

The journal provides immediate open access to its content, making research available for free to the public to support a broader global exchange of knowledge and multidisciplinary debate. If you would like to submit your article, please read the rules.

The primary mission of the Journal is to initiate comprehensive coverage of scientific advancements in Ukraine, recognizing the nation as a cornerstone of burgeoning scientific potential. Besides, the journal aspires to transform into a global research dissemination platform, gradually moving beyond the confines of Ukraine. The goal is to become an international publication, contributing to the global outreach of research.

The journal is published exclusively in English, and the editorial board only accepts articles submitted in the English language.


Publication Frequency

The Results of Scholarly Work journal is published biannually, with occasional special issues throughout the year.  Every edition of our journal showcases an exclusive article authored by a distinguished member of our editorial board. This underscores our belief that it is essential to showcase the multifaceted contributions of our editorial board members, who not only review articles but also provide unique scientific material for each journal issue.


Peer review policy
The journal aspires to maintain the highest ethical standards of publication and scholarly proficiency through editorial review, peer review and strict policies. The editorial board of the journal strives to prevent any violation of professional ethical standards and is categorically opposed to the use of plagiarism and copyright infringement (Read more in Instructions for authors).

Business Model

Our journal operates on an Open Access Model, providing unrestricted access to all published articles without any subscription or access fees.

Authors are not charged any publication fees, allowing for the free dissemination of high-quality research.
Our commitment is to make scholarly knowledge accessible to a global audience, fostering collaboration and advancing academic discourse without financial barriers.


The publisher of the journal is the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (EUASU).
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The partner of the Journal is Centre for Criminological Research


ISSN (Print) 2699-9382

ISSN (Online) 2699-9005



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