Wernher von Braun, a space rocket designer, once said: “Nature does not know dying, all that it knows is transformation.” But not all changes are for the better. Transformation is the state in which humanity has been arriving on planet Earth for all ages. Sometimes the transformation is only accelerating by the events taking place in the world. New control systems are being introduced which how the government claims should only improve people’s lives. All this is veiled by concern for the safety of their fellow citizens. After all, the more a person is helpless, then the more vulnerable he is and the more he needs state assistance. But these innovations, which allegedly lead to good, have another side - a moral and psychological damage to people’s health. Human in itself is very vulnerable, and the vulnerability gives rise to the meaninglessness of this life. What to do in these circumstances? The external environment pushes for the transformation of views, methods, systems of orientation, management, etc. But, is it possible to make the transformation happen without harming both human health and business? Of course, we need a technological approach and methods on the basis of which the introduction of new changes will not destroy everything that has already been created, but will allow us to smoothly adapt to changing conditions. The Issue “Transformation” is a collection of the articles that raise a number of questions and problems that have affected humanity over the past few years, as well as a number of methodologies that contribute to human adaptation in certain conditions.

Published: 2023-02-24