In the course of a lifetime, any person makes decisions on a daily basis: from picking a suit for a business meeting to choosing a life partner, future profession, and many other matters. When a person makes a decision, he makes mistakes that lead to non-fatal or fatal consequences. These errors can also affect other people who have not made any decision; for example, an error made by an aircraft pilot can be disastrous for hundreds of passengers. World science has been considering human decision-making processes from different perspectives (psychological, sociological, philosophical), pursuing the goal of reducing the number of wrong decisions people make, among other things. However, people have made bad decisions in the past and continue to make them in the present. Therefore, the topic of decision-making remains crucial in any period of human history. In times of global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to comprehend the mentalities of communities in order to make right decisions. In this issue of our publication, we examine the subject of decision-making methods. To the attention of our readers, we are presenting the opinions of psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, criminologists, and lawyers.

Published: 2022-01-07