Formation and Development of Digital Society 5.0



The relevance of this research lies in the fact that in the context of the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, deep and systemic transformations are taking place, which act as the driving forces for changing paradigms (concepts, models, theories), which give rise to new megatrends of the digitized society, called digital. The fourth industrial revolution influenced the rapid development of the digital society, caused by deep transformation, fundamental technological changes and their social impact on culture, economy, politics, man, his consciousness and worldview. The formation and development of digital technologies, as a factor in the implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, today include a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of sustainable digital development, which requires the development of strategies and the selection of priorities that embrace large-scale digital technologies as the basis of a breakthrough in the technological industry. The object of research is the paradigm of digital society 5.0 as a complex social, cultural and economic phenomenon. The subject of research is the evolution of the digital paradigm of the economy, society and man in the direction of society 5.0