Mass Shooting Events


Dwight Wilson


In 1999 the United States experienced its first mass shooting at a public school and later at a church in Texas. It sparked renewed interest in gun control. Our response and the response of law enforcement has changed to protect the citizens. A new vocabulary including mass shooting and the active shooter. These new events are increasing at an alarming rate in our nation. The response has been slow and the solutions even slower. In this article we look at the problem, the response, and some possible solutions. However, the questions of motivation, and prevention remain.



Author Biography

Dwight Wilson, European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Corresponding Member of EUASU. He has spent over a decade working in the private security industry protecting high profile clients and working in high-risk areas. He currently works for Valor Force as a security professional. He is an author of two books on human and wildlife tracking, Following Tracks Vol 1 and 2, and has contracted with several government agencies as a professional tracker and instructor. Dwight is an Instructor of Filipino Martial Arts with Rister International Martial Arts for more than 20 years experience.


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