Why People Obey or Do Not Obey the Law


Dr. James Finckenauer


Underlying the myriad discussions and debates about the rule-of-law, and about law-abidingness, violating the law, law enforcement, law and order, unjust laws, legal obligations, etc., are certain assumptions about what is “the law” and whence it is derived.  Addressing these issues at the outset seems not only appropriate, but important, in trying to understand why people obey the law or not.  For purposes of this discussion, we will deal mainly with criminal law as the focus. 


Author Biography

Dr. James Finckenauer, Rutgers University

Organized crime expert, author, distinguished Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, former Director of the National Institute of Justice, Washington DC. Academician of European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Dr Finckenauer is an expert in human trafficking, juvenile and international criminal justice. Author of numerous books on Russian organized crime in the US.